How To Train Your Staff On Cleanliness — And Why You Should

Cleanliness is one of the biggest responsibilities of owning or operating a manufacturing plant. Floors, walls, sidewalks and building exteriors should be kept clean to ensure safety. Machinery that’s kept clean and well-maintained will not only last longer but will also work as intended, keeping employees safe.

It’s important to make sure your staff is trained in proper cleaning procedures. Here are two things you can do now:

  1. Establish A Cleaning Schedule. Prevent tasks from falling through the cracks and make sure responsibilities for each employee are clear. 
  2. Use Correct Cleaning Procedures. It’s critical that employees use the correct cleaning products, equipment, and detergents. Used improperly, cleaning products can damage equipment and surfaces.

Wondering why cleanliness should be a top priority?

  1. It Increases Productivity. Clean regularly and tasks will take less time to complete and your equipment will operate at peak efficiency.
  2. It Prompts Preventative Maintenance. Clean it and inspect it. You’ll see possible issues before they turn into costly downtime. 
  3. It Prolongs Equipment Life. Clean equipment works better, longer.

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Attach This. Clean That.

Choosing the right accessories for your pressure washer can be difficult. Here, we break down four of the most common and show you how they’ll change the way you clean.

Specialty Nozzles

Change the width, strength, and angle of the spray so you’re effective no matter the application. Variable nozzles allow operators to easily change pressure or adjust the size of the spray fan by pulling/pushing or twisting the nozzle, eliminating the need to stop and switch nozzles.

Nozzles are color-coded for different applications:

Red Tip: Delivers a concentrated steam that can gouge or cut. Best for cutting stains out of concrete and other hard surfaces.

  •  Yellow Tip: Works like a scraper, removing paint, grease, and grime from hard surfaces. 
  • Green Tip: The most commonly-used nozzle for cleaning dirt from siding, sidewalks, and the like.
  •  White Tip: Creates a spray fan that allows large areas to be washed and rinsed quickly. Generally safe with most surfaces. 

Specialty Wands

There’s a specialty wand for almost any application. Here are two examples:

Variable pressure wands, also called “dual lance” wands, and double-trigger wands allow operators to easily increase or decrease spray pressure or toggle between applying detergent and rinsing.

 “Flex lance” wands, which flex 180° and return, will reduce repair costs associated with broken wands.

Surface Cleaner Attachments

These attachments allow operators to clean in a straight path instead of sweeping a wand back-and-forth. They’re ideal accessories for those who frequently clean large, flat surfaces such as shop floors and parking lots. They work with both hot and cold water pressure washers.

Hose Reels

Hose reels can be mounted to a wall or directly to a pressure washer. Available in both pivot and non-pivot styles, hose reels are essential for three reasons:

  • They prolong the life of your hose by keeping it off the ground and away from dirty water;
  • They keep the hose off the ground and prevent it from being repeatedly run over by vehicles on the job site; and
  • They wrap the hose smoothly around a drum, keeping it free of damaging kinks.

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How to Meet Environmental Regulations

The wastewater you generate when pressure washing can go down the drain. Out of sight, out of mind. Right?


Pressure washers are effective because they blast dirt from a surface. Some industrial pressure washers spray as much as three gallons of water per minute, meaning that they can use up to 120 gallons of water an hour. 

But that also means some washers produce 120 gallons of wastewater an hour — and that wastewater might include contaminants like dirt, sediments, oil, hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and cleaning products.

If these contaminants seep into groundwater, they’ll eventually end up in rivers, streams, lakes, and even the ocean, damaging the environment. It’s easy to think that letting these contaminants go down the drain will eliminate these environmental concerns, but it’s not safe to let wastewater enter storm drains or municipal treatment systems, either. And if wastewater isn’t handled properly, you’re likely to incur hefty fines from municipal, state, and federal regulatory agencies.

Be clean and green by installing a water reclamation and treatment system that will collect 90 percent or more of the wastewater your wash system generates. You’ll be able to treat that wastewater on-site and remove contaminants in compliance with environmental laws — and you’ll be able to reduce your waste hauling costs, too.

Need it? We’ve got it. WET can install a wash bay with a high-volume water reclamation system that’ll enable you to meet municipal, state, and federal regulations. You’ll keep more money in your pocket — guaranteed. Take it from us. We know clean. 

Need To Clean It? Steam It!

Pressurized steam is a little known but incredibly flexible option for cleaning that enables you to work smarter, not harder. Here’s a look at what steam cleaning can do for you: 

Several Applications

Steam cleaning is effective for a variety of applications:

  • Sanitization: Steam cleaning is particularly useful for those in food processing, wine and beverage, and food industries. Steam will quickly and efficiently clean and sanitize barrels, tanks, bottles, conveyor belts, kitchen and food prep equipment, and tasting areas.
  • Auto & Fleet Detailing: Because steam cleaning doesn’t produce runoff or overspray, it’s perfect for cleaning vehicle interiors and can be safely used on engines, door jambs, floor mats, seats, and brake systems. It’s even safe for leather surfaces.
  • Commercial & Industrial: Steam cleaning has nearly endless applications for commercial and industrial use. Steam will remove stains, odors, grease, bacteria, mold, bed bugs, grout, graffiti, gum, and weeds — and that’s just to name a few.
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical: Steam cleaning is the preferred cleaning method for the medical sector because it enables hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to meet strict regulations regarding sterilization without the use of chemicals, disinfectants, or detergents. 

Cleans Gently

Because steam cleaning doesn’t rely on chemicals, it’s ideal for sensitive applications. Our Steamericas steam cleaners can produce steam up to 230° at 116 pounds per inch, allowing you to safely clean the toughest stains from the most delicate surfaces. 

Steam cleaning is better for the environment than traditional cleaning methods, too. It eliminates your need for chemicals, soaps, detergents, and other abrasive compounds. You’ll also avoid the personal health risks of inhaling harmful chemical fumes and the time-consuming — and expensive — hassle of cleaning up chemical waste and wastewater runoff. 

Dries Quickly

Items that are steam cleaned dry more quickly than those that are cleaned with a pressure washer, reducing your total wash time. We offer both traditional steam and dry steam options so you don’t have to deal with excessive wastewater, chemical runoff, and the downtime that results from dealing with both. 

Uses Water Efficiently

Consider that most industrial pressure washers use water at between 2 and 5 gallons per minute. Depending on the application, steam cleaning uses as little as one gallon of water. Our line of Steamericas cleaners need no more than 20 gallons of water for all-day use — with no recovery tank.   

Need it? We’ve got it. WET sells thousands of accessories, including a full line of Steamericas commercial steam cleaners. You’re guaranteed to find what you need to get the job done right. Take it from us. We know clean.