Automatic Parts Washer

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ORCA Parts Washers

Eliminate the need to manually clean parts with an old scrub tub, pressure washer or potentially harmful solvents. Orca's roll-in door automatic parts washer offers superior cleaning that can pay for itself in less than one year through avoided labor costs. It is ideal for heavy or light-duty cleaning and the roll-in door design makes it a good fit for small spaces. The Orca is available in three standard turntable sizes of 25, 31 or 36 inches and includes a host of standard features the competition lacks. The Orca will be delivered to you within 10 business days from the time of order.

Sprocket-Driven Turntable
Jenfab’s proven sprocket-driven turntables eliminate chains, belts or tire drives that can stretch or slip resulting in poor cleaning performance, increased maintenance and component replacement. 

Oil Skimmer
Jenfab’s Orca parts washer comes equipped with a stainless steel oil skimmer, ideal for extending solution life and washing parts with high oil residue.

Seven-Day Programmable Timer for Heat and Oil Skimmer
Save time and money by programming the Orca to operate only when necessary.  

Auto Water Fill
Keeps water levels full for peak performance every wash. 

Also Included:

  • Precision V-Jet Brass Nozzles
  • Mechanical Door Seals
  • Forklift Access Pockets
  • Chip Basket
  • 60-Minute Wash Timer
  • Swing Down Spray Bar
  • Vertical No-Seal Pump
  • Low Water Shut-Off System
  • Overfill Drain